DISC personal profiles, Potential assessments, Team profiles etc

Gordios Training is certified in the use of test and analysis tools from e-stimate - and uses these as a natural part of the development we initiate together with our customers.

Over the years, we have completed more than 500 personal profile analyzes and skills tests for use in collaborations with our customers in connection with business development, sales strategy, customer management, recruitment, internal personal development, team development and leadership sparring.


The 3 most popular personality analyzes are:


A simple personal profile for development

The e-disc profile is ideal for:

  • introduction of personal difference
  • strengthen communication and cooperation
  • starting point for personal development
  • coaching and mentoring
  • career development

Ideal for development - get a quick overview

e-disc is a simple profiling tool that can be used to clarify personal drivers and typical behavior patterns. The tool provides an overall understanding of a person's behavior in specific situations - and characteristic behavior in cooperation with other people. DISC is a well-known and popular person profile type because it is easy to understand the DISC principle - and most people can quickly recognize their own behavior.

e-disc measures in the 4 primary colors in DISC.

Click here to see an example of the e-disc report



A professional profile for development and recruitment

e-interpersonal profiling is ideal for:

  • recruitment at operational level
  • as a dialogue tool in recruitment
  • employee development
  • Talent development
  • onboarding
  • behavioral strategy in relation to colleagues, customers and business partners

When should you choose e-interpersonal?

The profile is particularly ideal for development, recruitment and onboarding at operational level. If you are familiar with DISC, the profile is easy to understand - however, you will find that the e-interpersonal profile has many more details and nuances. The reports are user-friendly and easy to understand. The texts are conveyed in easy-to-understand everyday language and the graphic elements used give a good visual image and make e-interpersonal easy to use in practice.

e-interpersonal profiles measure in 8 facets/behavioral traits in the 4 DISC colors.

Click here to see an example of an e-interpersonal report



An in-depth personality test for recruitment and development

e-fivefactor is ideal for:

  • recruitment of managers and core employees
  • development of managers and core employees
  • uncovering success factors
  • identification of risk factors
  • insight into shadow sides

When should you choose e-fivefactor?

The e-fivefactor profile gives you a very deep knowledge of the test subject's personality as well as insight into how that person acts in everyday life - and under pressure. The report contains a solid amount of information about the test subject and therefore e-fivefactor is extremely valuable both for the recruitment and development of talent, managers, specialists and core employees. e-fivefactor is based on solid research about personal and performance. The report's many graphic elements make it easy to understand - and thus easy to use in practice.

The e-fivefactor profile measures 16 facets/behavioral traits in the 4 DISC colours.



Click here to see an example of the e-fivefactor report



Briefly about the profiles

These DISC-based person profiles have been developed by e-stimate in close collaboration with business and researchers in personality theory and psychometrics.

The profiles have been developed over 20 years and are used by a number of national and international companies.

Depending on the profile you choose, you will be given one intuitive and user-friendly report, where texts and descriptions are conveyed in easy-to-understand everyday language.

By agreement, the reports can contain, among other things:

  • behavioral style
  • motivational factors
  • work behavior
  • comprehensible, graphic representations
  • suggestions and input for areas of development

In the reports, graphic elements are used, which help to provide a quick overview and make the profiles easy to use for e.g. the development interview, the job interview or the employee interview.

One of the most well-proven test concepts

The e-interpersonal profile, formerly known as the behavior profile, is originally a PhD project that has been used in Denmark since 1980. The profile tool is thus one of the most well-tested concepts for personality testing on the Danish market. The profile later became the basis for the establishment of e-estimate.

e-stimate is also a pioneer in web-based tests for HR and recruitment. In 2000, the e-interpersonal profile was introduced with a web-based scoring and was the first digital personal profile on the Danish market.

Typical process when we have to create personal profiles

A typical process when a person needs to have a person profile analysis done with us is :

  • Name, email of the participant is sent to us by email
  • We send an email with a link and instructions to the person
  • The person gets approx. 5 working days to perform the analysis
  • We are automatically notified when the analysis has been made
  • We interpret the answer, prepare the profile report and arrange a time with the individual, after which personal feedback is made (online or physically) - approx. 45 minutes
  • Alternatively, the report is forwarded without personal feedback to your contact person and possibly the person who made the answer.
  • The procedure will be agreed in more detail as needed


Other profiling tools we offer include:

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