The Sales process

An efficient, defined and structured sales process ensures that sales opportunities are maximized and that customers have a positive experience - both when we contact them unsolicited - and when they contact us.

The sales process - also called the Sales Cycle or the Sales Wheel, is the course and phases we work with from start to finish in collaboration with a customer.

This means that we describe WHAT happens in the phase, WHO does what, HOW we do it and WHY we do it.

When responsibilities and roles are aligned and accepted - we can ensure that we handle all leads and sales opportunities in the best possible way.

The typical phases in the sales process can look like this:



  • Lead Generation: Identifying and collecting potential customers (leads) through various methods such as networking, online marketing, fairs, and recommendations.
  • Lead Qualification: Assessment of leads to determine whether they fit the company's target audience and have the potential to become customers. This often involves evaluating needs, budget and decision makers.
  • Contact and Introduction : Initial contact with qualified leads, where the seller introduces the company and its products or services.
  • Need clarification: A deeper conversation to understand the customer's specific needs and challenges. This step often involves questioning techniques to uncover the customer's situation and requirements.
  • Presentation: Presentation of the company's solutions and how they can meet the customer's needs. This may include product demonstrations, presentations or offers.
  • Offer and Negotiation: Preparation and presentation of a formal offer, including price, terms and delivery details.
  • Close the sale: The agreement is formalized and the contract is signed.
  • Implementation and Delivery: The product or service is delivered and implemented at the customer.
  • Follow-up and Support: After the sale, the company ensures that the customer is satisfied and provides the necessary support. This step also helps build long-term customer relationships and can lead to cross-selling and up-selling.

We help many of our customers to describe the individual phases in the sales process, based on exactly their product, service or performance.

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